10 Tips To Eliminating The Impact of Negative Energy Part 1

There are two sides to protecting yourself from negative energy. One is to focus on bringing positive energy into your space and that is what we will focus on for Part 1 of this article.

The second side is to… Continue reading

What Are H.E.L.P. Sessions?

Heart Energy Love Pulses or H.E.L.P Sessions is a form of energy sharing unique to Dr Daniel that “helps” people clear the blocks preventing health, wealth and happiness in their lives.

Dr Daniel discovered very early that he had a… Continue reading

Feeling Really Stuck?

What Do I Do If I’m Really Stuck in Life?

Are you finding yourself asking that question a lot?

If you are really stuck, you need to find a place where you can relax. A place where you can connect… Continue reading

How Long Have You Been Stuck?

Many people stay stuck a very long time, how long have you been stuck?

When people find themselves stuck in a certain place they have to dig deeper to find out where they are stuck, then begin to create the… Continue reading

Are You Talking or Doing?

It is one thing to talk about something and another to do it!

Action is the part of life that creates the energy that will create the action to make changes and to keep focus on what it is that… Continue reading

Is Life Pulling You Off Track?

Too often we start our day with clarity and purpose, but somehow as the day wears on we find ourselves following a different track…

Getting your life unstuck is about making a choice and taking action to move in a… Continue reading